6 Red Wine Storage Mistakes That You Should Avoid

If you make some of these mistakes, it’s time to change your habits to enjoy wine in all its splendour. We tell you the 6 most common storage mistakes with red wine.

1. Keeping red wine too long in the fridge

Be careful with the red wines and the fridge! You must know how to store  red wine for the ideal period. Keep in mind that wine is a living medium and in permanent evolution that requires the correct environmental conditions for its conservation. in the fridge it will suffer from excessive cold.  if it is optimal to keep the wine in a place with a stable temperature of 18 to 20 degree Celsius in the fridge, they will be around 4 degrees Celsius approx. Therefore, do not store them in the fridge.

What you can do is give them a blow from the fridge before serving them. But don’t overdo it! You can also put red wine in the refrigerator (sometimes, if you have stored them in a cool place, it is not necessary), with less than an hour it will be enough.

2. Having it poorly stored at home

High temperatures accelerate chemical reactions and rapid wine deterioration. Therefore, during the heat period, it is worth protecting the bottles with greater care. Keep the red wine protected from direct light. You can even get a cheap wine fridge at a cooler shop to keep your wine.

And another piece of advice is that if you live in an apartment and you don’t have a cellar or a storage room, try to store the bottles (lying down, of course) at ground level. The temperature on the ground is a couple of degrees lower and it is more stable. It is best to store the wine in a cool place and remove it from the cardboard box.

3. Keep Bottle in vertical position

Although this does not usually seem like a mistake. If the wine bottles are not stored   in the correct position , this could cause the  liquid to oxidise. it is necessary to position the closed bottles, with their respective cork, horizontally to minimise the exchange of gases between the outside and the inside of the container. Do not store red wine for a long period of time in a vertical position.

4. Store in damp places

Humidity can alter wine compounds , it happens in any type of  wine. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate excess humidity in the space where they are stored. It can cause premature ageing of the wine drink. Red wine is very sensitive to changes in humidity.

5. Expose wine bottles to light

UV rays can modify the flavour and aroma of the  wine  to one similar to rust. UV light can trigger chemical reactions in the wine. if you have to illuminate the space where the bottles are stored. The use of cold lights or portable lamps with carbon filament is recommended. If possible, store in a damp area that is kept away from light.

6. Store wine in a kitchen space

The kitchen is the place with the highest temperature  in homes. It is preferable to store red wine in a  space dedicated to wines  that is cool, dry and with little or no exposure to light.You must not store your wine in the kitchen. The temperature and humidity in the kitchen are bad for the storage of red wines. Also, the door from the kitchen can affect the taste of your wine.

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